Double Tap - Jordin Sparks; 2 Chainz

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1. Hair done faded and I'm on one
Bet I look better than ya last one
Everybody know we don't care
Instafamous over night, yeah
Don't be scared to admit it
Seen you look from the start
Oh, on my Instagram you be lookin'
Secret looks on your phone, I know.

Baby, on the low, you stay on the page cuz
I guess I'm your favorite
But you won't let it show, no way
If you like what you see then
You gotta let me know.

Bet you won't double tap that hoe
Bet you won't double tap that hoe.

2. Gon head lemme know about ya
#Hashtag somethin show you're gangsta
Oh no, don't be no square
Just sayin, just say it if you want me


U must be a psychic, cuz I been lookin'
Ya ass gettin' fine with ya been cooking
Niggas know I woulda been took it
School of hard knocks, they was playin hooky
I really did it cuz I said I did it
It's a turn on if a girl say she independent
It's a turn on if a girl say she ain't offended
If I ask her can a homegirl come to dinner
Peeping the picture is you a single or a stripper
Tryna get with cha, yo other nigga unofficial
Well, is it an issue, well, I ain't think it was an issue
Cuz when I get with you I double tap more than a picture.

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