Know No Better - Major Lazer; Travis Scott; Camila Cabello; Quavo

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Know No Better

Đóng góp: phamvanduylucky
Straight up

Wrist look like it been dipped
Dipped in that, dipped in that, dipped in that
Script look like it been flipped
Flippin' that, flippin' that, flippin' that
Pull up in that foreign, my God
Whole squad get in that, get in that
Please say it ain't true
I had to go and cop two
Hell nah, we can't fit in that.

Wild ones, like we fresh out the cage
Showtime baby, fresh out the stage
Bad lil' mama, fresh off the page
Front like you love it, but you know that you hate it
Yeah you know no better (no better)
Yeah you know no better
Yeah you know no better, ooh.

Yeah, you know no better
Say you different, who you kidding?
Yeah, you know no better
O-oh, save that talk for the ones who don't know no better
'Cause baby I know you better
Cause baby I know no better
Baby I know you better (Baby I know)
Baby I know you better.

Baby I know you better (Straight up)
Baby I know you better
Baby I know, I know no better.

[Verse 2:]
Top dropped off on my whip
Wippin' that, wippin' that, wippin' that
Yellow and that purple on mix
Mixin' that, mixin' that, mixin' that
Copped my bitch from the tropics (yeah)
You know where she sitting at
Taking shots, pouring bottle after bottle after bottle
Hell nah, we ain't sipping that.




[Verse 3:]
Drop top on the whip (drop top)
Dab of ranch on the chips (dab)
Ice cream gave her chills (ice cream)
Too much cash pay the bills
I make her ride Mercedes (skrr skrr)
I can afford the latest
Baby ignore the ratings (ignore 'em)
Cause pull up, we pump up, we raging
We know no better (no)
Stack my bread up (stack)
Don't get fed up (nope)
Ain't gonna let up (yeah)
You told me to shut up (shut up)
But I'ma do better (huh?)
It's not my race (woo!)
Get out my face (get out)
Drop my case (drop it)
Which way? (where?)
Dat way.


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