Husavik ( My Home Town ) - Will Ferrel; Molly Sanden

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Husavik ( My Home Town )

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[Verse 1: Molly Sandén]
All by myself
With this great big world before me
But it's all for someone else
I've tried and tried again
To let you know just where my heart is
To tell the truth and not pretend.

[Pre-Chorus: Molly Sandén]
All I needed was to get away
Just to realize that I was meant to stay.

[Chorus 1: Molly Sandén]
Where the mountains sing through the screams of seagulls
Where the whales can live 'cause they're gentle people
In my hometown, my hometown
Thought I made it clear, do I have to say it?
It was always there, we just didn't see it
All I need is you and me and my home.

[Post-Chorus: Molly Sandén]
Vera með þér, með þér
Í Húsavík við Skjálfanda
Í heimabærinn minn.

[Verse 2: Molly Sandén, Will Ferrell]
You want the world (Want the world)
All the neon lights and billboards
To be seen and to be heard (Heard)
And I followed you (Oh-ooh)
But now I know what makes me happy
And I can tell you feel it too.
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