Empathy - Alanis Morissette

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Đóng góp: adorable
1. There are so many parts that I have hidden and denied and lost
There are so many ways that I have cut off my nose to spite my face
There are so many colours that I still try to hide while I paint
And there are so many tunes that I secretly sing as I wait.

You come along
And invite these parts out of hiding oh oh
This invitation
Is one that I've stopped fighting oh oh.

Thank you for seeing me
I feel so less lonely
Thank you for getting me
I'm healed by, your empathy
Ha-a this intimacy ha-a-a-a.

2. There were so many times I thought I had died, not being truly known
There've been so many moments, forever lonely in my vocation.

You come along
To celebrate each feeling ha-a
And there you are
All honoured and inquiring ha-a-a-a.

There was a day where the trust that was being asked of me
Required too much,
You seem to accept your generosity
To know myself enough
To let you have me.
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