911 - Britney Spears

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Đóng góp: batfromhell

1. Do you taste it, do you feel what I feel
I feel it coming, and it's oh so near
You got me breathing like an animal
I won't be satisfied until you're here (911).

Every little time you touch my thighs I wanna cry (oh, I wanna cry)
Every little touch you take me deeper in my mind (oh, I'm going deeper)
Every little thing you do I swear I'm on a ride (Oh)
You got me hypnotized (hypnotized), you got me hypnotized (911).

911, I call you when I'm feeling lonely
911, baby boy come get right on me
911, put this fire out I'm burning up, up up

2. Do you know just what you do to me
What I'm needing, oh it's criminal
Close my eyes and you're undressing me
One step further boy and we will be (911).

Sexing in the attic
When you felt so automatic
Felt explosive when you had it
When you all over me.

Boy I made it rain
Just when I squeezed and made it tight
Just so relaxed, so don't you fight
Just calm down, feel the freaking heat.


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