Life Goes On - Problems (Cover) - Bryce Vine; Nguyen Huy

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Life Goes On - Problems (Cover)

Đóng góp: Nguyễn Huy
Life goes on when the lights go out
All things up gotta come back down
I'll end up strange if I don't go crazy first
Life goes on when the lights go down
I need more than just dreams
To take me outta this feeling
Need more than just tears
To fill this glass bath to half
And I'm sore from tattoos
I shoulda known wouldn't heal me
And I'm finding some peace
In starting wars with myself
Life goes on
Life goes on
Meet me after midnight
Crawl up on the rooftop
Candles burning up like stars in every sky
Keep me in your thoughts like
Words we try to live by
Verbalizing something, hardest to describe

All I see outside is problems
I been hidin' in my room
I don't think I'm gonna solve 'em
But I can try, you know I do
I keep my distance from the phone lines
I just found out it's Saturday
Picked my guitar up for the first time in months
Forgot how much I love to play
And all my friends tell me
I'm so bad with faces
I think I've seen too many
Been to far away places
Got stamps I don't remember
From two-hour vacations
I'm too good at complainin'
Considering everything
'Cause I'm not one to turn on a blind eye
There's things I should acknowledge
And take responsibility for
Feel like I might die
Every time I walk out the door
All I see outside is problems
I hope they're mostly gone by June
Yeah, all I see these days is problems
But my favorite one is you.
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