Paris - Caro Emerald

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Đóng góp: rosmuseing
[Verse 1:]
I live deep in symmetry
In my anonymity
Je t'adore, ma vie tres difficile
I'll take hours to perfect
In this room of disconnect
All I need are mannequins and me
Fabric straight from arm to arm
Rescuing my heart from harm
All that I can see speaks of finesse
Radically my fashion dreams,
Costumed men and models scream
Fame is nothing more than force duress
Let them comment of my cold behaviour
Beauty has a price that's paid by greed.

Where I am
I will stand alone
I don't need the money
I do want for much
These two hands
Never will they mourn
I'd rather you not love me
Before you want too much.

[Verse 2:]
Travelling I do forget
Every single last regret
Solitarily there is one quest
To my cause I will devote
All my passion, note for note
To create and fill this emptiness
Freedom that lies underneath
Let it fall and let them breathe
Bodies are not meant to be so bound
I'm the dancer of the dance
Let the socialites in her hands
Let them love me when I'm not around
When they speak their words of my demeanor
I will let them fuel, wipe their fire.


Fading as I live in isolation
Information spreads that I have left
For them let it be an education
Those who cherish me will not let them forget.

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