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To The Celtic Lands

Đóng góp: vikingman
At night
The demons
Come to drag me to the rotten worlds
And try to convince me with flattering words.

But I was weak
I followed them
And in front of my eyes, they revealed my fate
I tried to escape but it was too late.

In darkness
I’m screaming
On the painful days in the shadows I’m hiding
But like the moon at night I am shining.

An order
For murder
Is the cure for the sickness of the rotten brain
The perfect way to escape this hell.

And I went away to the Celtic lands
And I bless that day when
On the shady hill I stood
And I touched the hand of God.

As I stepped on the ancient roads
I found that rainy valley of the pagan Gods
And the permanent grey sky
Became the substance of my life.

Killing the past
turning it to dust
Healing my scars
Under the stars.
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