Drop 2 - Fliedkid; Rdee

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Drop 2

Đóng góp: bodienn97
She said drop the top
Fuck around then we gon pop the block
What’s in your mind tell me the prob
She want some bottle i got a lot

I finna drop the top
Bitch i make it on my own
Trappin so hard ,hold my cut
Hang outside i keep the glock
Don’t bring the toolie around me aye

I got the checks around me aye
Brand new vlone no rocky aye
Hide it on my socks like carti
We give a fuckk bout nothin aye
We gonna fuck till the morning aye
She the type wanna party
VIP she into the lobby aye

Got some bad bitch ridin’ by my sides i feel like im the one
Funny how they slide on my dm when i take the fame along
Phantom i wanna cop for myself when i got all my shit done
Spotify checks got me up but why i cry on saint laurent
Buy mamma a diamond ring used to dream when i was nine
Midside gang with the AK yeah they gon hit it percise

Yeah i pull up give her the pipe
All my soliders know how to slide
Popin’ a perc it really blow my mind
Told my dogs pour me up a pint
Married to the money that how i done found my best of me
Latr night outside in the streets we just sing our melodies
Runnin’ through these checks just to forget bout them remedy
Always stay in good vibes bitch don’t kill my energy.
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