Meaningless Kiss - Hugh Grant

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Meaningless Kiss

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1. I saw you across the dancefloor
Out of the corner of my eye
I felt the connection
I don't know how, I don't know why
I shouldn't of stayed
When I saw you there with another man
But as we slipped away
I thought I heard you say
This wasn't part of the plan

Just a meaningless kiss
It wasn't suppose to end up like this
Just a meaningless kiss
Ohh Ohh
Just a meaningless kiss
We knew it was wrong
But we couldn't resist
Just a meaningless kiss
Til I fell in love
With you

But you didn't want me to
Oh no

And here we are two years later
Too late to turn back now
We gotta finish what we shouldn't have started
We got to walk away somehow
But it's easier said than done
When two hearts beat as one
And three hearts are one too many
That's why we shouldn't have ever begun

2. We can't go on like this forever
When we're not meant to be together
So leave me here on my own
From now on I guess I got to dance alone

No matter what I do
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