Lovely - Irene

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Đóng góp: bloom_tam
Here I come in a whirl
Your revolution girl
One two three lovely
Don't play the bimbo beau
Unlock and overflow
Let us dance together

If you want to play smart
Go link my heart right to your heart
When you move in time
You're lookin so lovely

When all the words are just gettin upside down
Open your eyes and you'll see the world around
Everyone's dancin' with you to your love
Everyone's movin so lovely
So jump in the air take a step inside my heart
There you'll never be lonely, you'll never be apart
Baby let me feel your love
Baby let me feel you're lovely

I see you mess around
Your no will turn it down [sic]
One two three lovely
Shake off the dust tonight
You gotta know it's the time
We should move together
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