I'm Your Psycho - Janet Suhh

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I'm Your Psycho

Đóng góp: danjustince
Close your eyes
Hear my heart
You can’t see my lies.

Gonna tell a lie
Through my eyes
You will never know.

Gave me your all
I will take your heart
And I’ll rip it all
All away.

Close your heart
Before too late
Maybe I’m insane.

Gonna tell a lie
You deny
They already know.

Gave me your all
And I’ll take your heart
Leave them all behind
‘hind the walls.

Take me out of your castle
Sound of laughter b’hind these walls
Don’t you know
There’s only one way here.

Fear comes to me
Day and night
Here I’m yelling out
I’not the queen.

You and I can maybe make it out.

You’re my adrenaline
Bring the castle down
I can
Show you
When it goes down.

You’re adrenaline
Burn down all the tree
I can
Show you
When it burns down.

Sew your heart
Make it tight
Maybe I’m insane.

Gonna tell a lie
You realize
I don’t really care.
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