Memories - Melanie Thornton

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Đóng góp: adorable
1. Now you're gone
Never felt this way
Since the day we were dreamers
So strong so strong.

No more words
All I feel is pain
Should we talk again 'bout the reason
Thinking of you
Dreaming of you.

Memories are made of this
Something in the air has kept me dreaming
Visions of your tender kiss
Nothing in this world can fight this feeling
Only you
So true
The night is gone
But I still dream of you
So true
The day has come
But I'm not over you.

2. Life goes on
Sometimes I'm alright
But inside I still miss you
So strong so strong.

What went wrong
Were we just too blind
Everything reminds me of your love
Thinking of you
Dreaming of you.
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