Only 1 (Interlude) - Metro Boomin; Travis Scott

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Only 1 (Interlude)

Đóng góp: usukfans
[Verse: Travis Scott]
You know what? I heard this shit before
You told me you'd never let me go
I tried some things that make you want to stay
In that penthouse, all we did was fight and fuck
I taught you some things you've never seen before
We did some things that your mama will never know
Know, know-know-know, know-know-know, I don't know
How could you go and turn your back on me?
And go and screw the whole varsity?
Was it the pills? Was it the drugs?
Swim in my pain, I drown my love
You know what? You know what?
I knew I wasn't the only one, only one, no
Only one I really want, I really want.
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