Dilemma - Nelly; Kelly Rowland

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I love you and I need you
Nelly, I love you, I do
Need you.

No matter what I do
All I think about is you
Even when I'm with my Boo
Boy, you know I'm crazy over you. [x2]

I met this chick and she just moved right up the block from me
And she gost the host for me, the finest thing I need to see
But oh, no, no, she got a man and a son, oh-oh, but that's okay
Cause I wait for my cue and just listen, play mi position
Like a shortstop, pick up e'rything mami hitin'
And in no time I better make this friend mine and that's for sure
Cause I never the type to break up a happy home
But there's something 'bout baby girl,I just can't lieve her 'lone
So tell me, ma what's it gonna be
She said, You don't know what you meant to me, come on.

I see a lot in your look and I never say a word
I know how n****s start actin' trippin, and hate up all the girls
And there's no way Nelly go for it
Ain't no dame,as you could see
But I-I like your steeze, your style, your whole
The way you come through and holler, and swoop me in hic two-seater
Now that's gangsta and I got a special ways to thanks ya, don't know forget it
But it ain't that easy for you to back up and leave him
But you and me got ties for different reasons
I respet that and right before I turned to leave
She said You don't know what you meant to me, come on.

Sing it for me, K
I love you and I need you
Nelly, I love you,I do
And it's more than you''ll ever know
Boy, it's for sure
You can always count on my love
Forever more, yeah-yeah.

East coast,I know you're shakin right
Down suoth,I know you're bouncin'right
West coast,I know you're walkin'right
('Cause you don't know what you meant to me)
Midwest,I see you swingin' right.
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