The Old Town's Inn - Northland

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The Old Town's Inn

Đóng góp: northmen
When nightfall comes and covers our land
The last ray of light fades far away
Moonlight reigns up in the sky
Thousands of spirits wont sleep tonight. No!!

The gate of a new world opened for a while
No sadness no fears shall pass
Death and sorrow we leave behind
our laments soon will be past.

There's a light in the dark that never fades away
There well spend the rest of our days.

Raise your pint!
Take a swip!
This is the Old Town's Inn
Where endless nights are drowned in beer
Where pain and sorrow disappear
Raise your pints!
Take a swip!
Sing songs of victory
Drink for those who are not here
Until the stars disappear.

This time will last forever
Time has come for the spirits of the land
The moonlight spell is about to end
A distant light shines far away
The sunlight brings a new day.

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