Gecko (Overdrive) - Oliver Heldens; Becky Hill

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Gecko (Overdrive)

Đóng góp: big.hero
1. Take a moment for yourself
Get close with the lights down low
You and I and no one else
I get the feeling that I wanna explode
Baby you grab my attention
Tension burning, fever high
Take me to another dimension
Tonight the rules do not apply.

I can't stop this feeling baby
Only you can make me come alive
When we're crashing, let's have passion
Boy, you've got my heart on overdrive.

2. This is where I wanna be
Hands up, feel the bass in my heart
Give me faith and I will leave
I take the risk cause you're never too far
Right now I'm drowning in emotion
Caution flies right out the door
Baby you're pushing this devotion
I can only ask for more.

Overdrive, overdrive
Overdrive, overdrive
Overdrive, overdrive
Overdrive, overdrive.
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