Different - Robbie Williams

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1. When I look you in the lies
Something deep inside me dies
'Cause I know you won't get better, better, better...
You'd rather be right than be loved
The only thing I understood
Nothing's ever good enough.

I stumble through the words as they're leaving me
Tremble at the sight of Your Majesty,
And I cut myself just to get them out.

This time I'll be different, I promise you
This time I'll be special, you know I will
Just don't leave with me in your eyes
This time I'll be better, I want you to know
This time I'll be special, oh God, make it so
Just don't leave with me in your eyes, your eyes, your eyes...

2. You took my youth, you took my health
And if you're not here I fight myself
You're supposed to make this better, better, better
No self-control and no reason why
If I don't change, then we both die
This is it for you and I.

Blisters at the end of my fingertips
Praying to a God I don't think exists
Will you listen now?
Can you forgive me somehow?


* Closer now to the end
If love was the answer
Then hope was the question
Closer now, let's pretend
We've never been out here before.

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