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Reign Of Christ

Đóng góp: vikingman
From the sun out of the east
A Brilliant light arose
A thorny crown upon his head
Cut from a branch of rose
Through blazing eyes I saw within
A peace I'd never known
An aura of color from his head
A magi of great renown.

Turbulence and war begins
Death and torture in his name
Decadence and deceit and lies
Abjured by him the same
Trials inquisitions of witches
Dogmas blighted scars
But if they could only see within
The consciousness of the stars.

The trunks of trees he carried
Up tp this place the skull
With vehemence and hatred
The spikes were driven through
Blackened skis cracked with storm
Through fears and mocking laughs
With his death and ascendance
The reign of Christ begins.

It is written god so loved the earth
He sent his only begotten son
To die for mans sins upon the cross
Repent unto him or be eternally lost
Damned are the souls enduring tribulation
History will turn the final page
The priest and scribes pervert
The ancient teachings
In the name of Christ they preach
In blasphemy
Soon the seven seals be broken
And the prophecy come to pass
And the angels of death and darkness
Fall to the earth upon which they're cast
Man will fornicate and worship idols
The queen of harlots will ride the beast
The gates of hell will open tribulation
And the second coming of the reign of Christ.
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