I Cry - Yuri Chika

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I Cry

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1. Every night I find it so hard to sleep
Cause I keep thinking of you
And these feelings from deep
Oh baby I try to hide all these feelings for you
I keep them all out of sight
I don't know what else to do.

So I cry
But nobody hears me I cry
It's my only solution I cry
To all this confusion I cry
With all of my heart I cry.

2. Sometimes I wonder in the blink of a night
Would you be waiting to love me
Would you give it a try
I don't know how it's to show you
That I'm not good be real
I'll be eternally faithful
Forever I feel.

No one can tell me that I may be wrong
Cause I know in my heart
This feeling still running strong.

Can't get you out of my head
Can't get you out of my heart
Can't get you out of my life
No matter it fell apart.

[Chorus x2]
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