Everyday Lit - Fliedkid; Chxxx

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Everyday Lit

Đóng góp: bodienn97
Damn i make it lit
Jumping on my feet I be riding on my shit
Bands on me i can make u rich
Dance on me can u make it stiff
Talk to me i can feel ur wish
I got everything u need

Damn i make it lit
Got no time to sleep
Shawty can we take a pic
Bands on me i can make u rich
Dance on me can u make it stiff
Run it up my neck so sick
Give it up they aint got it
Bands on me my momma told me to get it get it get it
Imma scream so loud to hater one day that i did it dit it did it

Childishkid running round whippin in my city yeah
I been on my grind on new level beat my limit yeah
They see me blowing up all they want my faces
Used to teasing in the block now i cop the wairth
They on my dm cuz they wanna lick my taste
I cant fuck wit yall if you tryna take my place yah
I cant guesing what im on nowww
Lotta bands on me yeah im ball now
I cant chasing what i want nowww
yeah They be fallin down
I cant be on the low no more
I wanna couttin up some dough
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